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Chris Byrd Quotes

8 Chris Byrd quotes:

"Yeah, (he's a champion), if his test doesn't come back dirty, ... But it came back dirty, so he can't be a champion. You can't cheat and win. You get caught."
Author: Byrd Quotes Category: Champion Quotes
"Until you get a unified champion, it's just everybody's opinion."
Author: Byrd Quotes Category: Champion Quotes
"Until you get a unified champion, it is split. Since I have been champion, I have really stopped setting goals because I do not see them realistically happening from the other boxers' point of view. You cannot make certain fighters fight. I will be 90 years old before I see myself unifying any kind of belt. Right now, I am just taking one fight at a time and just see what happens."
Author: Byrd Quotes Category: Champion Quotes
"It's always tough going in somewhere where nobody likes you. It's an advantage - come on - that's crazy, it's like if he were fighting in my city. Of course it helps."
Author: Byrd Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"I know what kind of talent Wladimir will have and I respect that a lot. Yes, he has a great jab. He has a great arsenal of punches. But I come to fight and not shy away from anyone. I go in and give it my all and put on a good show."
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"I think I am more confident now in my ability to fight bigger, taller guys. I just want to show I am the best out there. I am going to beat him."
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"If his urine sample doesn't come back dirty, yeah, he's a champion. But it did, ... You can't cheat and get caught. Now we will see how it looks when he fights Guinn. I don't care (about fighting him). Don't matter to me."
Author: Byrd Quotes Category: Champion Quotes
"I never expected to be champion and be at one of the lowest times of my career. I still love the sport of boxing but I don't care for the business part of it."
Author: Byrd Quotes Category: Champion Quotes

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