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Jimmy Lee Quotes

6 Jimmy Lee quotes:

"It's the best field we've ever had in any of our 10 previous events."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"We did see a drop in our DRAM average selling prices during the December quarter. This hurt the revenue line."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"(King) has been exonerated. We do apologize for any inconvenience we caused him, but we were doing our jobs."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The time is right for the women of Williamsville to have a place to shop for quality designer gowns at affordable prices."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"We are still trying to establish the exact motive."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"We are still trying to determine the exact motive. Although we have a suspect in custody, the investigation is still going on."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Trying Quotes

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