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"I think the players had to get to know him, and once they did, they'd trust him. I've known him, so I knew what kind of person he was. In the beginning, he came here with somewhat of an image."
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"Tomlinson has something Sayers had that is rare -- the ability to stop and, in one step, to have full acceleration,"
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"My feeling is that, because there are more injuries, because of free agency, because it is a dilution (of talent), it doesn't matter who's the best team during the season. All that matters is who's healthy and hot late (in the season). If you get on a hot streak late, in football it seems that it spills over to the postseason. You have to be hot at the right time and healthy at the right time."
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"Destiny owes me one,"
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"There has been no evolution of the quarterback,"
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"He's a good person, he has integrity and he's honest. He's not going to try to con anybody. Once they realized the quality of person he was, they'd want to play for him."
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"He's a perfect example of what we've let slip away in the image of a coach - the job is a teaching job, ... Bill certainly has a great deal of self-confidence, but he's got the humility to know that he can always learn from somebody that's successful. To me, the smarter you are, the more you want to learn."
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"I may be wrong, and you might fool me, but I just feel like there's a slight difference in their body motion, ... But they are awfully similar."
"[It is all a puzzle really. The draft, free agency, the tricky salary cap, a little luck here and there. The Giants already have the biggest piece, Manning.] The biggest thing about him, even last year, he doesn't throw the ball up for grabs, ... He doesn't take a lot of sacks when he shouldn't."
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"In a way, it was the Marine ethic. You know the rules? It's the officers who eat last. He would always consider himself last."
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"You worry because you don't know how it's going to affect them when it comes down to playing, ... This is still a game where you're going to get hit in the mouth every play, and we weren't going to get any breaks from (Washington)."
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"I really have never bought into that San Francisco game, and maybe players might have a different view, ... My feeling coming out of that game, as heartbreaking as it was, was that I thought we were pretty good."
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"Johnny Unitas. Sure, Johnny had the physical ingredients required: lightning quick release, a laser for an arm, good ability to avoid the rush. But what set Unitas apart was the feeling you got in your heart when you saw him walk on the field, something that none of us are capable of defining or explaining, we just feel it. You knew he came to win. And, from the moment he walked into the locker room, you knew you had a better chance to win than the other guy. He was the toughest man I have ever known - physically and mentally."
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