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30 Flip Saunders quotes:

"What I've learned is I have the ability to do a lot of things. When you have guys who have the abilities that our team has, as a coach you can become more flexible, and when you're more flexible you become less predictable. The less predictable you are, the tougher it is to play against you."
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"We have the ability to lock down and know when to lock down."
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"He has the ability to knock down those corner threes and guys found him and we had some guys make some good plays. I thought Mo came in and gave us a great spark at both ends, offensively and defensively."
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"He has the ability to rebound the ball and almost clear it with one dribble."
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"Were they going to play 82 straight games? No. I doubt it. You know, when they broke the record, I wasn't even aware of the streak. It's not really a concern."
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"You know, it's a long season. I could have gotten on the guys and tried to raise some emotion, but I think when you do that you are setting yourself up for a low. This is a veteran team, and they have been in a lot of playoff series the last few years. It's not important for them to get too high or too low right now."
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"We cannot exert so much energy. People said at one point, 'Chasing 70 games' - or you chase something, then all of a sudden at the end you've got nothing left. We're a team where if we have energy, we can beat anybody. If we don't have energy, we can be beat by anybody. We can't put ourselves in a situation where we're playing some of these guys 38-39 minutes."
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"It was a very entertaining game. You saw, both teams, who they are: meat-and-potato teams. Maybe this is why the game wasn't hyped as much. This is what basketball is meant to be like. Play defense, play team basketball. Not turn the ball over, and make plays for each other."
"It's well deserved. And you know what, he's not just a Hall of Fame player, he's a Hall of Fame person, which maybe is more important. The reason I'm here is because of him."
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"This was a big game for both teams. They're fighting San Antonio to try to win their division and we're fighting to make sure we maintain and keep our rhythm."
"The Bucks are fighting. You want to be as high a seed as you can. They came out, played well and did some nice things."
"This is what basketball was meant to be like -- play defense, play team basketball, not turn the ball over and make plays for each other."
"From a coaching standpoint, it makes it kind of special to go and coach and know that you have four guys that are your own guys. They all deserve it, and I think it's great individually, great for the organization."
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"We jumped on them and that was probably the worst thing. As a coach, you don't like to get up that big that early."
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"It's funny, everybody talks about trimming minutes, then when I trim minutes, everybody gets upset."
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"The funny thing with Mo, he makes spectacular plays at both ends,"
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"We stayed in the game because of Chauncey and Rip (Hamilton)."
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"He's fearless. He puts so much pressure on you. I am amazed at the punishment he takes. I'm amazed he's not hurt more (because of) how high he plays off the ground and the falls he takes."
"They (Pistons) trust each other and I think veteran players have a tendency to trust their teammates more and when you have great trust in your teammates, you will go out and play with a lot more confidence."
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"I think because of the way our travel is, because we're going from one city to the other, it makes it a little more difficult from that angle."
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