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84 Guru Nanak quotes:

"On ,the occasion of a preternatural sound from the sky, ,of an earthquake, and when the lights of heaven are surrounded by a halo, let him know that ,the Veda study must be stopped until the same hour ,on the next day , even if ,these phenomena happen in the ,rainy season."
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"If the husband went on a journey after providing ,for her , the wife shall subject herself to restraints in her daily life, but if he departed without providing ,for her , she may subsist by blameless manual work."
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"Alone let him constantly meditate in solitude on that which is salutary for his soul, for he who meditates in solitude attains supreme bliss."
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"He may ease himself, having covered ,the ground with sticks, clods, leaves, grass, and the like, restraining his speech, ,keeping himself pure, wrapping up his body, and covering his head."
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"Let him eat while his feet are ,yet wet ,from the ablution , but let him not go to bed with wet feet. He who eats while his feet are ,still wet, will attain long life."
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"If the husband went abroad for some sacred duty, ,she must wait for him eight years, if ,he went to ,acquire learning or fame six ,years , if ,he went for pleasure three years."
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"Let him not, out of desire ,for enjoyments , attach himself to any sensual pleasures, and let him carefully obviate an excessive attachment to them, by ,reflecting on their worthlessness in his heart."
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"Come, O Baba, and Siblings of Destiny let s join together, take me in your arms, and bless me with your prayers."
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"He may accept from any ,man , fuel, water, roots, fruit, food offered without asking, and honey, likewise a gift ,which consists in a promise of protection."
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"On failure of each better ,son , each next inferior ,one is worthy of the inheritance, but if there be many ,of equal ,rank , they shall all share the estate."
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"When a king punishes an innocent ,man , his guilt is considered as great as when he sets free a guilty man, but ,he acquires merit when he punishes ,justly ."
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"Thus has been declared to you the law for a husband and his wife, which is intimately connected with conjugal happiness, and the manner of raising offspring in times of calamity, learn ,now the law concerning the division of the inheritance."
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"Property ,acquired by learning belongs solely to him to whom ,it was given , likewise the gift of a friend, a present received on marriage or with the honey mixture."
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"He is a king, taking upon himself the office of the Moon, whose ,appearance his subjects ,greet with as great joy as men feel on seeing the full moon."
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"He who uses without permission a carriage, a bed, a seat, a well, a garden or a house belonging to an ,other man , takes upon himself one fourth of ,the owner s guilt."
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"These and other females of low birth have attained eminence in this world by the respective good qualities of their husbands."
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"The excellence and defects of commodities, the advantages and disadvantages of ,different countries, the ,probable profit and loss on merchandise, and the means of properly rearing cattle."
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"Thou has a thousand eyes and yet not one eye; Thou host a thousand forms and yet not one form."
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"Why do you listen to falsehood? It shall vanish like a gust of wind."
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"Her father protects ,her in childhood, her husband protects ,her in youth, and her sons protect ,her in old age, a woman is never fit for independence."

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