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Jerry Kilgore Quotes

8 Jerry Kilgore quotes:

"It's about the heritage of fighting for what we believe,"
"Illegal immigration affects state budget, it affects our public safety in Virginia ? that's why it's a big issue in this campaign. I'm the only candidate that will say no benefits for those illegally in this country, no in-state tuition."
Author: Kilgore Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"[A tennis player in college (] We're Jimmy Connors era ... well, they're not in Virginia."
Author: Kilgore Quotes Category: College Quotes
"False Claim: Kilgore promised to repeal [the 2004 legislative] budget agreement, taking another billion dollars away from our kids' education."
Author: Kilgore Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"I do not support using taxpayer dollars to fund illegal immigration,"
Author: Kilgore Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"There are so many checks in this system I do not believe it is unfair, ... This isn't about race, it's about the crime. It's about an individual who has chosen to commit a crime. Prosecutors have the discretion to make those charges, and I believe they're making the charges fairly."
Author: Kilgore Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"If states were given more authority we would work within the parameters supporting a culture of life,"
Author: Kilgore Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"We know the governor of Virginia has the ability to deal with the budget."
Author: Kilgore Quotes Category: Ability Quotes

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