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38 Joe Girardi quotes:

"Guys are just doing the little things, taking advantage. And our two-strike at bats the first two days have been tremendous."
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"He showed he has the ability to drive in runs. We need that all up and down the lineup."
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"We had some execution lapses. We had our chances and we didn't get it done."
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"You go from being excited to panicking a little bit when a guy slides into him. Your emotions can get a little wavy. For me, being a baseball player, it's just exciting to watch what kids can do. When you think about it, he probably should be a junior in college."
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"What's enjoyable to watch is how hard they're playing. I'm proud of them."
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"It was no accident what he did. They were fighting to win the division. He is a good-looking player."
"He's one of those guys fighting for one of those spots. His demeanor on the mound is very good. He never seems to be out of control. Sometimes that is good for young players."
"I think it's great. Why not get thrown right in the fire with Houston and New York, two teams that are picked to finish in the top of their division? I think it's a great experience for our young players. It's a measuring stick."
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"We're thrown right into the fire, Houston and New York. Why not? Two teams that are picked to finish at the top of their divisions. Obviously, we're going to have to play them at some point. Might as well play them the first week. I think it's a great experience for our young players."
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"You get to teach. You get to manage. I love the competition and I love the idea of trying to figure out how to beat the other team."
"He's put together a pretty good little stretch here. The thing we've talked about the whole way is consistency through the whole year, understanding you are going to go through some struggles. How are you able to get out of them? Are you able to get out of them quicker than other players? Those are the great players."
"They're making decisions really tough around here. The idea was to let them fight it out. Let's let them fight it out and go from there."
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"We counted it up. We hit 11 balls on the button. And what did we get, five hits?"
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"He's the kind of guy you hate to look in the face and say you're going to skip him, with how hard he works and the things that he does to prepare himself. You hate to do it. We weren't able to predict the rain."
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"Closers seem to be all over the place now. For a while the trend was to go with hard throwers, but if you have that one pitch that's a dominant pitch that can get people out, it's usually where you see the closers come from."
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"You have a responsibility of what you look like."
"He's done a lot in three weeks, and we want him to continue to progress. I've said all along, I will make the true evaluation in the six weeks, when it's all over. But I like what I see."
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"It's going to come down to the last days and that makes it tough. That's the nature of our camp this year."
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"You've got to go along with what your strength is."
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"I believe I was born to manage, ... I believe this is truly my strength. As a catcher, I believe I was a manager every day on the field. You're an extension of the manager. Your job is to get the most out of your pitchers."
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