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"Microsoft has recognized that owning a significant piece of real estate in the living room is key to them being a winner in digital entertainment, ... This is a strategic investment and part of a long-term plan for them."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"No one wants something like this to happen. The fact is we are absolutely focused on restoring service to our customers ... and in this case we did so in record time."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"Low self-esteem is kind of the spark plug for self-destructive behaviors, and drug use is one of these. It's a fundamental need to have a good sense of self. Without it, people may become pathologically unhappy with themselves, and that can lead to some very serious problems."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"If you're a parent of a young child and you notice that the child has very low self-esteem, that should be a warning signal that this child needs some attention or perhaps professional counseling."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"Opening price points are still where they were. In other words, you still launch at $49, but after a few weeks go by, demand dries up. So you're not seeing games hold the price point as long."
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"happened to occupy the same law firm office as former Vice President Nixon."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Law Quotes

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