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"(For) a lot of guys, last year was their first time in the playoffs. I'm glad to have that experience, and hopefully, I can capitalize on it."
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"I've got a few bumps and bruises, but I'm confident that with treatment and a little bit of rest, I'll be able to go. It's one of those things where when you get warmed up and get some treatment, you can go. I just hope I don't get hit there again."
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"We all had an off night. They came out and pretty much took control of the game from the start. We never really made it much of a game tonight."
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"It's nice, but it doesn't feel like it's ours yet. We're still fighting for it, and there's still so much up for grabs. We've got a big one again Saturday, and we have to get ready for that."
"I've got enough problems. I'm not worried about what's going through his head."
"The biggest thing with him is his speed and his ability to shoot the three. He's a good passer, and in transition he's been giving us problems. We've had to get everybody below the ball and stop him in transition. Maybe it was just one of those [games] for him."
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"I expect a huge leap. They both had such good years last year, and you know from experience how much easier your second year is from your rookie year. We expect big improvements."
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"It was a tough it out game."
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"I've got enough problems; I'm not worried about what's going through his head. I just think it's just been really good team defense; our weak-side defense has been great since we played them."
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"We just can't dig holes for ourselves like that. We spend all our energy trying to get back in the game. We've got to stay in the game. We're not playing a full game -- we're just playing in stretches right now."
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