Lou Lamoriello Quotes

15 Lou Lamoriello quotes:

"The opportunities we gave them early in the game, they took advantage of."
"The most important thing is you have to believe that you have the ability to get it done. Once you believe that, then you have to find a way to get it done."
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"Any individual accomplishment that's achieved is a compliment to the team and the player. But that's something that happens. It's not something that's in a thought process."
"I think a couple of those calls were from players being aggressive, real emotion. I don't think we lost our discipline."
"He's done a lot of good things here. He brings a lot of enthusiasm. He knows his role and he knows what's at stake."
"We came out from the beginning and sustained a consistency the whole game."
"I haven't even thought of it that way. Common sense would say that it helps us, but in saying that, it's not something we were hoping would happen. We wanted them to have as much success as they could."
"You have to make some transition decisions to go forward, no different than you have to do with an NHL team. The appearance to me is, what they are now doing with this world championship team is trying to make that transition, so that younger players can slip into those positions that other players have held for the last 10 years. They need to gain experience."
"Everything came today, whereas it was spread out in the past and will be in the future."
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"I don't think we were really competing against the rules. But early in the year, we had some experiments. We took a step back, trying some things based on the team we had built. We realized it shouldn't be that different, with a couple of minor adjustments."
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"Kris at 6-5, 240 pounds, is a physical forward who brings additional size and strength to our roster."
"There's no question he's an outstanding talent and he's going to do very well. Whether it was just not getting the opportunity or it just didn't work out, we gave up a top prospect."
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"The teams took advantage of power plays both ways. We're getting chances and taking advantage of them on the power play. Nashville also has an excellent power play. This was just a case of who was going to take advantage of a break."
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"I never get discouraged. 'Discouraged' and 'disappointed' are two different words. I'm disappointed in the results... I'm not discouraged at all. I see a lot of very positive things."
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"It's very unfortunate. It's very disappointing, but I don't have enough knowledge to really comment on it. I know our commissioner will do everything he can to make sure everything goes in the proper direction."

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