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"I want to congratulate our people who struggled against dictatorship for democracy and freedom, ... This constitution is a first of its kind, written by representatives of important Iraqi factions."
"We hope that this constitution will be accepted by all Iraqis and that it will be for everybody. We are optimistic ..."
"I think most of the Arab Sunnis have agreed to this constitution. And those who do not agree with it do not represent the Arab Sunnis,"
"We should not be hasty regarding the issues and the constitution should not be born crippled, ... We are keen to have an early constitution, but the constitution should be completed in all of its items in a proper manner that appeals to all components of the Iraqi people so that the whole people interact with the whole constitution."
"Efforts are being made to reach a consensus over the draft constitution during the coming hours,"
"We have agreed [to] a draft constitution, ... Of course, it is not a perfect document. But I think it is one of the best constitutions in the Middle East."
"After the end of 2006, British troops can be pulled out step by step in cooperation with Iraq forces,"
"A timetable will help the terrorists, will encourage them that they could defeat a superpower of the world and Iraqi people, ... We don't want to do anything without the agreement with the Americans because we don't want to give any signal to the terrorists that our will to defeat them is weakened."
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"but everybody had reservations. This is part of democracy. If the people do not approve it, we will draft another constitution."
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"First, we insist on democracy, they on dictatorship. Then there is the matter of the continuous ethnic cleansing policy in the Kurdish areas under the control of the Iraqi government."
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"We cannot have any laws not in keeping with the tenets of Islam and of democracy."
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"Self-determination could mean independence, confederacy, federal and autonomy."
"We believe that an Iraqi founding national assembly, freely elected, must decide the future of Iraq."
"We will in the future, we will search and we will find some kind of chemical weapons and biological weapons,"
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"For those who call for an immediate pull-out of American troops, we say that we honor the sacrifices the United States has made,"
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"They cannot have Islamic government. In Iraq, Islamic government is impossible."
"We must provide all kinds of freedom, personal and economic, to all Iraqis. I will fight for that."
"Time and again the U.S. has given the world its most precious resource in the cause of freedom, the lives of its most talented and courageous young men and women."
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"We have to renew ties with Turkey to remove the chill in relations in the past."
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"Wishful thinking is one thing, and reality another."

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