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11 Robert Greenstein quotes:

"It's effectively cheating low-income families."
"You can see the political clout of the moneyed interests."
"If you're young and healthy, this can work well. If you're not young and healthy, it can be a disaster, and you can end up much worse off than you currently are."
"It's certainly better that people falling into poverty can get Medicaid, but I'd prefer fewer poor people and employers not dropping medical coverage."
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"Although it contains the same themes as earlier administration budgets, it is somewhat harsher."
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"The real danger is that the employers market erodes fast."
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"Congressional leaders have been more interested in using the needed increase in [energy] funds as a sweetener for controversial measures ... than in actually passing legislation to help low-income households cope with higher home heating costs."
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"It certainly sounds to me that they made a calculation to get Coleman's support. With Coleman, they no longer needed Smith. And if they no longer needed Smith, they could cut Medicaid recipients instead of the pharmaceutical companies and managed-care providers."
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"So there's actually big differences for low- and moderate-income families -- better under Gore. Big differences for very high-income families -- they get a lot more under Bush."
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"My worry is that in the absence of discipline, what we will see a month from now after the initial relief bills are passed, are efforts by policy-makers of both parties and a variety of interest groups to take advantage of the disaster by arguing that all sorts of expansions in tax cuts and certain spending ... are needed,"
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"In a nutshell, this budget clearly digs the hole deeper."
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