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Vint Cerf Quotes

5 Vint Cerf quotes:

"We risk losing the Internet as a catalyst for consumer choice, for economic growth, for technological innovation and for global competitiveness."
Author: Cerf Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"There's an old maxim that says, 'Things that work persist,' which is why there's still Cobol floating around."
"The Internet lives where anyone can access it."
"The last decade of Internet evolution has been marked by innovation. That innovation has been a consequence of the open and neutral access that the Internet has afforded up until now."
Author: Cerf Quotes Category: Evolution Quotes
"In the absence of any meaningful competition in the consumer broadband market, and without?consumer safeguards, one would expect carriers to have the economic incentive -- and the opportunity -- to control users' online activities."
Author: Cerf Quotes Category: Absence Quotes

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