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12 Kyle McSlarrow quotes:

"It is clearly a sweetheart deal for an industry that doesn't deserve a special break and a competitive advantage over anybody."
"The government shouldn't regulate the Internet in the absence of a market failure."
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"Government-mandated multi-casting requirements ... would constitute a 'taking' of cable operators' private property, which, in the absence of 'just compensation,' is prohibited by the Fifth Amendment."
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"If what we understand is being considered, this is a huge step . . . in the wrong direction. Essentially, you have the government picking winners and losers by giving the Bell monopolies a special break."
"A correct analysis concludes that mandated a la carte would be more expensive for consumers and result in less choice and shrinking diversity in cable programming."
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"They're about to have a lot more choices around the corner."
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"We continue to believe that the better course is for the government to resist injecting itself into a thriving, dynamic market where investment and innovation are flourishing."
"It is critical for all providers of video services to be treated on a level playing field. The government should not pick winners and losers in the broadband industry by establishing a different set of rules that favor one provider over another."
"The government must avoid picking winners and losers by imposing regulation based on the particular mix of technology a video provider deploys."
"The notion that the government knows better how to improve on a competitive marketplace is not supported by the evidence."
"Any government mandates, and certainly for any one of those options (suggested by Martin), in our view is very clearly under Supreme Court precedent a violation of the First Amendment."
"Such a massive government intrusion into how a broadband service like video is marketed, offered and priced would undoubtedly chill the needed innovation and investment necessary to build out capital intensive networks that rely on the marketplace to determine the most economically effective way to provide a return on investment."

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