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"The Iraqi authorities, the [Coalition Provisional Authority] will really need to see how they can provide security for us if they want us to come back. It's useless to bring in large numbers of people if they are confined to bunkers."
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"The elections scheduled to take place by January 2005 are the most important milestone in this process. Until that time, any Iraqi governing body that exists will be less than fully representative,"
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"What we have learned from that struggle is the importance of freedom, the importance of mobilization, the importance of justice, equality, and so on."
"Bremer is the dictator of Iraq. He had the money. He has the signature. Nothing happens without his agreement in this country."
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"The sooner a credible Iraqi government is in place to lead the way, the better, especially because the absence of such a sovereign government is part of the problem in the first place,"
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"[U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has asked the Northern Alliance] to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law and treat these questions with as much humanity as possible, ... elsewhere, everywhere."
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"You who are taking this responsibility must show unprecedented courage and leadership. You must place the interests of your people first above all other concerns only then will this process, this attempt to break cycle of misery and destitution conflict and violence stand a chance of success,"
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