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Hans Olsen Quotes

7 Hans Olsen quotes:

"It's interesting to note the diversity of the companies that are reporting these profit shortfalls. And we're still early into this."
Author: Olsen Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"Right now, it's like an absence of bad news is being treated as good news."
Author: Olsen Quotes Category: Absence Quotes
"In reality, it won't matter as much because other elements like spending and consumer sentiment look good and that will keep the upward pressure on interest rates."
Author: Olsen Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"The geopolitical headline risk doesn't look good."
Author: Olsen Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"It's really the Fed at this point that's kept the market in check. The historic conversation between the Fed and the markets has become a bit of an argument over whether there's really inflation, and whether we need those rate hikes."
Author: Olsen Quotes Category: Conversation Quotes
"If you believe that higher interest rates will put a brake on the economy, the whole tech sector is highly susceptible because companies are going to be spending on tech-related items depending on where the economy is going."
"Right now, it's like an absence of bad news is being treated as good news. I see it as just a lot of noise right now. There's still a lot out there to deal with."
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