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"If you look at the technical side of it, you never have enough horsepower, so you're always going to work on getting more horsepower"
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"Why a man can have access to a semi-automatic assault weapon ... what is going on?"
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"It's to try to safeguard the area from potential hazard. By utilizing the grant dollars, hopefully we'll be able to buy land and continue to leave it in its natural state or maybe make improvements for recreational purposes."
"I think we've come up with a program to start the year that, as we progress in the season, that we'll be able to solve the problem we've got one way or another and we'll be competitive again."
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"We're probably 80 percent of the way there by just doing development work. But we think we could still use some help on the nose of the car."
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"This is a fairly major initiative. They brought the experience that we needed to take on this project of this magnitude."
"We won the two biggest races last year, Daytona and The Brickyard, ... We've added some quality teams, and I think we have players who can contend for the championship this season. We need to work on consistency, and I think you'll see more top-10 runs out of the Dodge camp in 2003."
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