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"In the long haul, the absence of any public scrutiny means the practice in the future could evolve into one that is an extremely uncompetitive, behind-the-scenes give away of work with the taxpayer not knowing whether a fair price is being paid. The current system may have flaws, but at least the public is assured of a competitive price."
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"The Fusion really feels like our cars last year, and when they were good last year, they were easy to drive."
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"I'm having so much fun, it's hard to explain it, ... They just keep giving me great cars with great engines."
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"We felt like if everything went well and we got some lucky breaks and a caution at the end that we would be sitting good at the end of the race on fresh tires. I am telling you what the big win for the day was that we had a lot of fun. Racing with Jeff Burton and Greg Biffle that was great fun."
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"Four wins, man, I can't believe it."
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"If I could write a book, there's going to be a chapter about Mark Martin. He's an unbelievable guy. He has an amazing character. He actually treats people exactly how they treat him. I mean, he doesn't waver."
"It's really easy to get down and out and have a bad attitude when things aren't going well, but that doesn't help you,"
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"Richmond is a great track, and it will be a fun race to watch this week. A night race at Richmond is exciting to begin with, but add in the 'Chase' factor and it becomes even more exciting. Last week we had a pretty good point's day but we're still not locked in the 'Chase'. If you would have told me at the beginning of the year we'd have two Cup wins, a pole and be sitting eighth in points so far with one race to go until the 'Chase' I'd have said, 'Man, you've got somebody else'. I just didn't expect our year to go this well. Our primary goal this week is to make the 'Chase'. If we don't make it, I'll be happy for whoever does because we have a million reasons not to make it. But we really want to make it and I think we can."
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"It will be great to be back in Charlotte this weekend. It's always good to race close to home. We had a disappointing race there earlier this season and we know that we can run well there. They have a new surface on the track and that will make the track very fast and I like fast. That will be awesome and work to our advantage. The team plans on focusing on a top five finish and hopefully shake off some of this bad luck we have been experiencing. We have a great team and we plan on showing that at Lowe's."
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"To avoid this kind of wreck, you just can't race hard when you're in a tight space, ... You gotta be smart."
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"I'm not the greatest qualifier and I'm learning a lot. I'm really excited to get to start up front in a race that we really need to run well in."
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"A lot can happen in 500 laps and, at Martinsville, things like pit strategy and tire management can make or break you, ... This is definitely one of the bigger obstacles for us as a team in the 'Chase.'"
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"If we've got race-winning power, we're going to go win the race. If we don't, we're going to just not wreck."
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