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"In light of this experience, that is, the absence of full cooperation by Iraq, it must regrettably be recorded again that the commission is not able to conduct the substantive disarmament work mandated to it by the Security Council and, thus, to give the council the assurances it requires with respect to Iraq's prohibited weapons programs."
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"My duty is to report what has happened to the Security Council and the United Nations. I'm going to New York to do that."
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"As long as it exists it points to the possible existence of clandestine Scuds. Maybe they didn't destroy the fuel because they've got some plan to (deploy) Scuds."
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"What we've got to be certain about above all is whether it came from a country supporting these terrorists as a matter of policy, such as Iraq, which we know has made this stuff, ... And there's a credible report not fully verified that they may indeed have given anthrax to exactly the group that did the World Trade Center."
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"I don't think there's any doubt at all -- the man is thoroughly back in business making weapons of mass destruction."
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"It is essential that Iraq is brought into conformity with the law."
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"I think there is a good basis for conversation between the two sides aimed at ironing out those difficulties and seeing that we don't get into crisis again."
"I think I can feel a new spirit and good cooperation from the Iraqi side."
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"Like the Security Council, I take at face value their promise to offer full cooperation."
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"I intend to pursue this matter in a very determined way."
"Considering the circumstances, they have done remarkably well. It was a tough couple of weeks that's for sure."
"..every day lost makes the circumstances worse"
"Given the last 22 months, given today's circumstances of crumbling sanctions, given the fact that he is back in the arms business, Mister Chairman, it follows as the night follows the day for me to say what I am saying: These sanctions are not working."
"that same game they played with my team."
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"I earnestly believe that those documents exist and they're in the possession of the government of Iraq, and they can choose to give them to us."
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"A promise was made by the Iraqi side to provide us with further information that we have requested."
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"If (Iraqi officials) cooperate with this, if they break the habit of a lifetime and tell us the whole truth, then we will be able to verify that and deal with those results within about six months."
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"If Iraqi disarmament were a five-lap race, we would be three quarters of the way around the fifth and final lap."
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"Biology is a black hole. Biological agents are an area where they have never told us the truth."
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"They've got to tell us the whole truth about their weapons -- they've got to let us into the sites that we need to inspect to verify those facts and then destroy the weapons involved. That's the way out of this one."
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