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"I was not happy about it at all. He left his foot in. Anyone who has played football knows when they do not have the ball and he had no chance. He has to be bigger than that."
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"Despite the possession we tried to force the chances...and got away with a 1-0 victory. A fully confident Arsenal would have won by more."
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"We fear that, that's why we've made an x-ray. We don't have the result of the x-ray yet."
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"I am worried that we have not been getting the right results away from home."
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"For me the intention behind the statement is important. I hope I am right that nothing malicious was planned behind it. I cannot let people say anything without a reaction. I let him get away with it."
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"I don't know when I will see him - next week certainly - but I don't know when. I hope that when he comes back he comes back stronger. There is no reason why he can't be the same player."
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"I feel we have a squad with big potential. I'm convinced I'm right to believe in this team and this squad and that they will prove me right."
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"He is a strong young player and he has good power, pace and skill. Obviously he lacks a little bit of experience but together with Justin Hoyte he will provide good competition for (current first choice right-back) Lauren."
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"Walcott has been lively, alert and is playing with belief. He deserves to be involved through his performance rather than the amount of his transfer fee."
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"You know I'm not Ferguson's best friend but I found the booing really appalling."
"This team is slowly discovering its potential and is improving its belief and confidence."
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"Martin Jol said he didn't see it (the collision). Frankly I don't believe it that he didn't see it."
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"I feel psychologically it is important that we go to Stamford Bridge with great desire to come back with points."
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"We had great desire, ... We were focused and sharp and kept playing our game, despite everyone saying that we should change after the Chelsea match."
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"We are not far [from an agreement]."
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"Usually derbies are 0-0 or completely crazy. In the end it was a cricket score. We are back to winning habits in a derby we don't traditionally win."
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"It was a frustrating match. It was difficult to play football and we couldn't get into our game. Credit to Everton they battled very hard and made a physical combat of it. Once we were 1-0 behind it became difficult."
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"We have some games and then we have a break, ... Then we'll think about our options. I love football and what is important is to focus on the game but, if I am attacked, I will respond if I feel it's not right."
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"If Thierry is who he is today it is because we have shown faith in him and believe in him."
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"It was a very physical game against a team who were fighting to not go down, with a very, very young Arsenal side. If you look at the average age, it was a very positive game."

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