Silvio Berlusconi Quotes

25 Silvio Berlusconi quotes:

"it would have been better to avoid military action."
Author: Berlusconi Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"The absence of deliberateness doesn't indeed rule out blame,"
Author: Berlusconi Quotes Category: Absence Quotes
"Never in history have we seen an example of nations voluntarily deciding to exercise their sovereign powers jointly in the exclusive interest of their peoples, thus overcoming age-old impulses of rivalry and distrust,"
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"Pain is at this time a feeling shared by the entire nation. But we also feel pride for the courage and humanity with which our troops ... have worked and still work to make the situation tolerable for children, women, the elderly and the weak who live in that martyred region."
Author: Berlusconi Quotes Category: Courage Quotes
"We, therefore, urge the maximum caution, care and responsibility,"
Author: Berlusconi Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"Given that the fire came from an American source I called in the American ambassador,"
Author: Berlusconi Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"he must do what his conscience tells him."
"Defender and promoter of freedom and democracy"
"They have broken a life, they have not cracked our values and our desire for the peace."
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"Our way of life, our destiny, both as Europeans and Italians, is tied to that of the United States,"
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"Our determination is the same as those Italians in uniform who are honoring the coalition engaged in supporting Iraq on its road to democracy,"
"elected by moderate voters who mandated these gentlemen to do the exact opposite of what they're now doing."
"Our troops in Iraq are not a force of occupation. They are a peacekeeping force operating under the aegis of the United Nations,"
Author: Berlusconi Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"There is no point in talking about improvement because there has been no worsening"
"A hungry man is not a free man. Freedom from hunger is a fundamental right. Without this freedom, such fundamental right cannot exist."
Author: Berlusconi Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"I certainly express the feelings of all Italians, and am particularly delighted, when I present Your Holiness with the warm and respectful homage of the Italian government."
"Their overriding consideration is hatred toward me. And this runs counter to the truth and hurts the interests of our people. Do they realize that they are exposing them to mortal danger?"
Author: Berlusconi Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"a habit for me to come pay homage to the president in the Oval Office."
Author: Berlusconi Quotes Category: Habit Quotes
"I believe we must have an explanation for such a serious incident, for which someone must take the responsibility."
"worried about the possible violence."

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