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Rick Dinse Quotes

6 Rick Dinse quotes:

"I'm more excited that Chris got selected than I am about my own retirement. I've been so impressed with his talent and skill."
Author: Dinse Quotes Category: Retirement Quotes
"That doesn't mean he was personal friends with her [or] that he was somehow related to her. It only means he had access or made access in some fashion to her: That could be stalking [or] he could've been there for legitimate reasons,"
"He is an individual that during our investigation, generally speaking, he never volunteered a lot of information,"
Author: Dinse Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"We are going to revisit those situations and those individuals we have contacted in the past,"
Author: Dinse Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"We have no reason to believe at this point that any family members are involved,"
Author: Dinse Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"So at this point we can hope if he survives that he will reflect and be able to clear up these things, these questions, that we have, and certainly if he is a suspect, hopefully he would be willing to tell us where Elizabeth is."
Author: Dinse Quotes Category: Hope Quotes

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