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5 Susan Mitchell quotes:

"This is where moonlighting makes a lot of sense, ... Younger people have fewer family obligations at this point, so moonlighting works greatly to your benefit. It's the classic kind of case where moonlighting makes the most sense. It just gets more difficult the more you're established both professionally and in your home life."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"This is a quality of life and economic development improvement."
"I wanted to get them exposed to something they normally wouldn't do. They'll grow the food, they'll get to harvest it, and they'll get to eat it. This way, they feel a pride of ownership."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"My mother would want to keep someone else from going through what she did."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"This is a wonderful victory for Milwaukee families after three-and-a-half years of struggle."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes

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