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"The tone was really good. Maybe it was just an absence of bad news and a lot of money on the sidelines. ...There's a ton of liquidity out there looking for the slightest excuse to get in. But the market continues to be range bound. Although we had a good day today, it's after two down days and it's probably mostly technical."
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"I just think that oil, along with the direction of interest rates, clearly has put a big cloud over the stock market."
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"I think a lot of people are looking for some positive signs coming out of the economy. So therefore any data that doesn't support that wish is going to put a blanket on things."
"Emotions are running high. People are nervous. They're moving to the sidelines."
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"There's no conviction out there right now. The rallies don't hold."
"Giving back half of the rally probably sets us up for neutral trade tomorrow (Tuesday). The silver lining is that what's being created before our eyes are some pretty compelling and attractive values."
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"I suspect a lot of people are a little nervous. It's kind of like a hot stove and a lot of people are afraid to touch it. It's a very difficult environment ? a lot of people have pushed themselves away from the table and you don't have that momentum that you need."
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