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12 Roger Waters quotes:

"Now I can write in some laughs, notable by their absence in the movie."
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"I could have been an architect, but I don't think I'd have been very happy. Nearly all modern architecture is a silly game as far as I can see."
"I'm in competition with myself and I'm losing."
"We were contracted to make a soundtrack album but there really wasn't enough new material in the movie to make a new record that I thought was interesting."
"It's a miracle was the last track recorded for the album, we based it on the rhythm from the middle of 'Late Home Tonight, where there's Graham Broad playing lots and lots of drums with me shouting in the background, pretending to be a mad Arab leader."
"Either you write songs or you don't. And if you do write songs like I do, I think there's a natural desire to want to make records."
"I always used to look at books and wonder how anybody could come up with so many words. But my divorce and then falling in love with somebody else has released in me an ability to write in other ways apart from songs."
"I confess I've never felt like a passenger."
"It's great to be asked to help Bob raise public awareness about third world debt and poverty."
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"If there's another charity, or a reason to bring us together, I could see it happening. Otherwise, no. And we've had lots of offers. But we're just not going to do the $250 million tour."
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"It's not just a piece about the French Revolution, it's about revolution in a much broader sense, and it's about the capacity that human beings have for personal change. The piece is an exultation and an encouragement to those of us who believe the human race can discover its humanity and its capacity for empathy to the point where it may be possible for us at some point to guarantee the basic human rights of the individual (around the world)."
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"Each small candle lights a corner of the darkWhen the wheel of pain stops turning And the branding iron stops burningWhen the children can be children When the desperados weaken When the tide rolls into greet themAnd the natural law of science Greets the humble and the mighty And a billion candles burning Lights the dark side of every human mind"

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