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"I think when you have as many lawyers that are involved on both sides, there is a danger that they all try to find something to do."
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"The only reason for them to collusively not to sell is to try to continue the scarcity that has driven natural gas prices to historic highs."
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"The court heard Judge (Charles) Burton (of the Palm Beach County canvassing board), called by the defendants, testify that they had been able to identify the clear intent of the voters such to add a net 215 votes to Vice President Gore."
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"This summer, we're going to totally divorce Sun."
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"Absolutely your honor. In Sony, the court found that sports programming was a significant non-infringing use and that was 7.3 percent of all of the uses of the Betamax. They talked about the significance of one movie that was uncopyrighted,'My Man Godfrey.' They talked about one television show, 'Mister Rogers,' and that was significant."
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"I think, your honor, you could say -- and this is not that different from what we have argued -- that as long as the manual recounts will not impair the final certification in time to permit the selection of electors by December 12, that those manual recounts must be included."
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"Is the term 'concerned' a term you are familiar with in the English language?"
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"In the roughly six hours that the counting of the votes took place, a very large amount of progress was made. If the count had continued yesterday afternoon and this morning, that count would be largely completed, with possibly the exception of one or two counties that were outside of the Tallahassee area,"
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"Whether you think their witnesses are credible or non-credible ... they've admitted monopoly power, they've admitted the absence of competitive constraints, they've admitted raising prices to hurt consumers, they've admitted depriving consumers of choice and they've admitted that the reason that they did that was because they were afraid that consumers would in their view make the wrong choice, which is the non-Microsoft choice,"
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"Microsoft had an opportunity to ask any questions it wanted to about the nature of those sensitive business discussions. Unless Microsoft wants to claim that, like some indigent criminal defendants, they are unable to procure competent counsel on their own, it's really up to them to ask those questions."
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"Did you or others on behalf of Microsoft tell Intel that Microsoft would hold up support for Intel's microprocessor if Intel did not cooperate with Microsoft?"
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"What company is most likely to be a potential entrant for operating-system competition?"
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"Microsoft's interest is in dominating technology that would prevent an alternative [operating system] platform, even if it means giving away [software] for free. Microsoft is not interested in revenues, they're interested in blocking competition."
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"The first thing, your honor, is that any candidate could have requested a manual recount in any county, so that the manual recount provision is something that by statute is given to the candidates. And wherever there has been a manual recount requested, the counties have gone forward, and indeed some of the results that have already been certified have been results that included manual recounts."
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