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52 quran quotes:

"And that the hearts of those who do not believe in the hereafter may incline to it and that they may be well pleased with it and that they may earn what they are going to earn (of evil)."
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"Thus do We make it to enter into the hearts of the guilty; / They do not believe in it, and indeed the example of the former people has already passed."
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"And Allah turned back the unbelievers in their rage; they did not obtain any advantage, and Allah sufficed the believers in fighting; and Allah is Strong, Mighty."
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"And he strikes out a likeness for Us and forgets his own creation. Says he: Who will give life to the bones when they are rotten? / Say: He will give life to them Who brought them into existence at first, and He is cognizant of all creation / He Who has made for you the fire (to burn) from the green tree, so that with it you kindle (fire)."
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"And if they had believed and guarded themselves (against evil), reward from Allah would certainly have been better; had they but known (this)."
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"The life of this world is only idle sport and play, and if you believe and guard (against evil) He will give you your rewards, and will not ask of you your possessions."
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"He said: The prayer of you both has indeed been accepted, therefore continue in the right way and do not follow the path of those who do not know. (Jonah 10.89)"
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"Have you not considered those (Jews) who are given a portion of the Book? They are invited to the Book of Allah that it might decide between them, then a part of them turn back and they withdraw."
"(As for) those who believe and do good, a good final state shall be theirs and a goodly return."
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"And warn your nearest relations, / And be kind to him who follows you of the believers."
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"There the believers were tried and they were shaken with severe shaking."
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"O Prophet! say to your wives: If you desire this world's life and its adornment, then come, I will give you a provision and allow you to depart a goodly departing / And if you desire Allah and His Apostle and the latter abode, then surely Allah has prepared for the doers of good among you a mighty reward."
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"And (as for) those who follow the right direction, He increases them in guidance and gives them their guarding (against evil)."
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"And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppressions, and there prevail justice and Faith in Allah; but if they cease, let there be no hostility except to those who practice oppression"
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"Men whom neither merchandise nor selling diverts from the remembrance of Allah and the keeping up of prayer and the giving of poor-rate; they fear a day in which the hearts and eyes shall turn about. (The Light 24.37)"
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"And keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate and obey the Apostle, so that mercy may be shown to you. (The Light 24.56)"
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"And those who were given the Book did not become divided except after clear evidence had come to them."
"And be not infirm, and be not grieving, and you shall have the upper hand if you are believers."
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"Is he then who is a believer like him who is a transgressor? They are not equal."
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"So when they cast down, Musa said to them: What you have brought is deception; surely Allah will make it naught; surely Allah does not make the work of mischief-makers to thrive."
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