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33 David Williams quotes:

"You can have a time delay for up to three years that's accurate to the second, as long as the battery lasts in the watch."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"Improving workplace health and well-being therefore not only makes common sense, it can also really make a difference."
"I don't think there was any doubt going into the season that there was hope (that La Cueva could be beaten),"
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"It is my home town in Brisbane. I've always wanted to play here."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"Everybody is amazed by this pool. My friends and relatives cannot believe the pool when they visit."
"Kids always think they're going to win 100-0, ... We have to remain focused, but this game was very good for our confidence."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"You can pick the year you want to use, as long as 2004 earned income is greater than 2005 earned income."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Our current offers are boasting serious value and we encourage our readers to take advantage of the small playing fields to win a seat to the WSOP Main Event and to compete heads-up against James Woods for even more WSOP seats. We anticipate a thrilling competition at this year's World Series, and are confident our readers will do us proud. We hope the experiences they have battling James Woods heads-up at Hollywood Poker later this year serve to further prepare them for the Main Event, as he is a formidable opponent and a skilled poker player."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"We tried to take the emphasis off of competition and put it on fun. And really, this book is not just about coaching soccer, it's more about coaching kids this age in any sport."
"This is the largest anti-poverty program in the country."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"We know that's a barrier for some, but it's worth their while if they can get a big tax refund."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"We don't belittle the funding per se, it's that the money did not go through the proper channels. Our criteria are objective as opposed to subjective."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"You're never on the sideline, like in sports. There's constant action. That's what people love."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"We have a great coach. All we do is drills, work on moves, and keep doing conditioning. I've improved a lot over the three years I've been here."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"In my mind I didn't see that there was any action that was required other than to say 'Look, go back and administer the policy the way it was passed in 2001.' But since there was some confusion and the language was a little unclear, it was spelled out in the new policy."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"No one in government is making hard choices. It's about handing money out. There's very little of somebody saying, 'No."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"There are five or six people in Congress who care about this issue 12 months out of the year."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"This is fantastic news, and we hope that other states follow their lead. We also hope the federal government is listening to the people. Let's hope that this is the first domino that falls."
"We knew this was not an overnight fix. That's not realistic. We're not at all panicky. I have seen improvement."
"I hit a move my coaches went over with me in practice. Against the second guy, I had a slight disadvantage because he was taller. I knew if I used my speed and my strength I could do what I did."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Practice Quotes

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