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David Williams Quotes

33 David Williams quotes:

"[But] time and time again history shows us that God uses tragedies to transform lives, ... This one will be no different."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: God Quotes
"VITAS generated revenue growth of 18.8% over the prior-year period and 5.4% sequentially. Gross margins were 22.9% in the fourth quarter of 2005, a decrease of 60 basis points when compared to the prior-year quarter. The fourth-quarter 2005 gross margin includes $1.6 million in start-up losses, which is $0.1 million higher than the $1.5 million in losses from programs classified as new starts in the prior-year period. Central support costs for VITAS, which are classified as selling, general and administrative expenses in the Consolidating Statement of Income, totaled $14.1 million, including $0.1 million in OIG legal expenses. Excluding the OIG expenses, central support costs increased 7.8% when compared to the prior-year quarter and increased 2.5% sequentially."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Burger King regrets that its name and reputation have become entangled in matters that have nothing to do with providing quality food and service to its customers."
"I wouldn't use this to generalize either by economic or race and ethnicity. This data is not consistent with lots of data we have on a national basis."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"This was a game we lost that we could have won."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"We're definitely going to do it. It's a fight worth fighting."
"He has been putting these ideas forward for around 15 years. These sort of opinions are very dangerous if unchallenged because they provide a veneer of respectability for outright racism and intimidation."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"We don't belittle the funding per se, it's that the money did not go through the proper channels. Our criteria are objective as opposed to subjective."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"You're never on the sideline, like in sports. There's constant action. That's what people love."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"The science is nearly there, but we have to find a reliable way of doing it."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"In the beginning, it seemed like [the county was] hindering things, but they were just safety conscious. They just didn't want a bunch of lawyers and accountants showing up with chain saws."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"We are concerned about maintaining an odor cap. Our treatment pond is about a quarter-mile from the residential community. We've got a delicate situation. Even a slight amount of odor can arouse complaints from the community."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"We have a great coach. All we do is drills, work on moves, and keep doing conditioning. I've improved a lot over the three years I've been here."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We did a lot of work around integration with this release because we realize compliance is a major priority for our customers. We can collect and manipulate configuration data very well and now we can integrate that into other products."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We knew this was not an overnight fix. That's not realistic. We're not at all panicky. I have seen improvement."
"You can pick the year you want to use, as long as 2004 earned income is greater than 2005 earned income."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"It is my home town in Brisbane. I've always wanted to play here."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"This is fantastic news, and we hope that other states follow their lead. We also hope the federal government is listening to the people. Let's hope that this is the first domino that falls."
"Everybody is amazed by this pool. My friends and relatives cannot believe the pool when they visit."
"Kids always think they're going to win 100-0, ... We have to remain focused, but this game was very good for our confidence."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Kids Quotes

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