Raul Roges Quotes

5 Raul Roges quotes:

"You sacrifice holidays. You will be working when everyone is having fun."
Author: Roges Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"The Food Network has done a tremendous job in making people aware of different foods and different cultures."
Author: Roges Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"I'm a hard worker, but I love food. The hours are long, but you have to have a vocation to serve people -- that's what it's all about."
Author: Roges Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"All different ingredients get incorporated into Nuevo Latino recipes. I personally love it. The many different spices in traditional dishes give you a different taste."
Author: Roges Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"Unlike retail, there are no layoffs. It's hard to find qualified people."
Author: Roges Quotes Category: People Quotes

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