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Steve Ross Quotes

7 Steve Ross quotes:

"What this decision stands for is that there is a limit to the circumstances under which the federal government can dictate to the citizens of Nevada who they can or can not have as candidates for state or local office,"
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes
"Based on the scope and character of the similarities it is inconceivable that this was a display of youthful innocence or an unconscious act."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"I knew it was a lot of hard work so I've had no surprises, no disappointments."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Hard Work Quotes
"Our chimpanzee health-monitoring project probably would not have happened without him."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"You can't operate a company by fear, because the way to eliminate fear is to avoid criticism. And the way to avoid criticism is to do nothing."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Business Quotes British Actress Quotes
"I thought we had a potential pop culture classic, ... But I think it's fair to say none of us anticipated the level of sales we've seen. Clearly, people are responding to the concept."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"Some of those subtle things, you're not going to get by mistake. The rest, you kind of assess with that Hollywood aspect of it."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Rest Quotes

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