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Rob Enderle Quotes

45 Rob Enderle quotes:

"This gives Apple the biggest competitive advantage they've had in history from Microsoft. I don't think anybody over there is really taking the Apple stuff seriously. That's a mistake."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: History Quotes
"They have a lot of respect in the industry for their research history, but there is a perception that they are staid,"
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: History Quotes
"They have completely crossed over into La-La Land."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"Microsoft [has] to be prepared for the future need to adopt certain behaviors that are much more in line with the people who develop and use software, ... That's why Ozzie was selected for this role. He is a better analog for Torvalds than anyone else -- someone who can think like Torvalds from the Microsoft point of view to compete."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"It is one of the more interesting ideas that has come up of late. And one that I think has the potential to really transform the way we play with the Web."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes Internet Quotes
"[Still, no one's ever done anything like this before, so we don't know yet if it's an improvement on existing indexes. With a statistical pool of nearly 15,000,] it's hard to qualify the respondents, ... It's hard to tell if the people answering the survey are actually who they say they are, with the buying power they claim to have."
"Certainly the new iMac is a powerful offering, and Steve Jobs has pulled another rabbit out of his hat, ... But their biggest problem will continue to be their ability to get parts."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"Silicon Valley has some worldwide power players. It's a good place to be again."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"This is Microsoft moving toward offering [all of its] software as a service, ... Microsoft will ease into it because they don't want to give up the product revenue before the services revenue can ramp up."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"There's always been a belief that Microsoft would respond punitively if you did something they didn't like. You were afraid of Microsoft's reaction, ... That belief has been pretty much destroyed. Vendors, clients and customers feel pretty much free do whatever they have to do in their Microsoft relationship."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Belief Quotes
"The next big wave for computers, at least as far as we can tell, is going to be these modular designs, so it's a race to see which major brand does it first."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"Companies didn't build a lot of inventory. Everyone based their build numbers on crappy consumer-confidence numbers. For certain high-demand products, companies are going to run out."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"It is the biggest cloak-and-dagger company we've ever seen,"
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"If your company has a lot of desktops, you might buy AMD to protect your infrastructure,"
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"The analogue on the car side is probably Porsche. Because its design is so important to users, it has a lot more impact on the market than its market share would indicate."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"This is a very practical design."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"These devices are quite costly, and they are complex, so they tend to be prone to failure. So far, nobody has figured how to make them at a low enough cost so that the average person can afford one. They are showing up in mil-spec implementations and particularly in larger types of uses. It's in the small-system area that they seem to be having the most problems."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Failure Quotes
"[In fact, Windows CE has been blamed for the lackluster acceptance of keyboarded handhelds in general, which some analysts say aren't useful for much other than e-mail retrieval.] When are they going to get it to work right with a server as opposed to a desktop? ... And when are they going to get an adequate set of personal productivity applications?"
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Acceptance Quotes
"LCS and Communicator are not worth a whole lot without the back end. They have to have the back end in place, or the other parts don't move."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"The suit is likely to hurt both firms' opportunities."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes

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