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"There's broad acceptance of the desirability of doing all those things, setting up risk-based management, dealing with fraud, putting place good capital market oversight, ... moving, over time, more of the economy out of the state-run sector in both banking and other sectors and into the private market-directed sector."
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"Action on any of the punitive legislative proposals before Congress now would be counterproductive to our efforts at this time,"
Author: Snow Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"We have a corporate structure that's leaned out -- inventories are tight as a drum, corporate America is very productive, and they've taken a lot of costs out, ... So when the economy comes back, I think we're going to see a nice pick-up in profitability and cash flows -- and that's always the precursor of expansions in capital spending."
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"all of those external shocks to the economy."
"the best single thing we can do to encourage the continuing upward course of the economy."
"It's one aspect of trade, ... and there can't be any doubt about the fact that trade makes the economy stronger."
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"All the evidence points in that direction,"
Author: Snow Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"I think the recovery is under way, and the economy is poised for a good take-off,"
"The most important factor leading to our trade deficit is that the U.S. economy has had much higher rates of economic growth and job creation than our major trading partners over the past decade,"
"[Higher energy costs] mean that (an) extraordinary amount of money that would otherwise be disposable income in the pockets of U.S. citizens going to buy U.S. goods and services aren't there, ... It puts headwinds in the way of the recovery."
Author: Snow Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Japan has demonstrated that commitment to good policies produces good results,"
Author: Snow Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"Governor Zhou and Minister Jin reaffirmed this fundamental commitment and reviewed with me a number of initiatives under way in financial markets, particularly with respect to the trading platform ... that are preparing the way for greater currency flexibility."
Author: Snow Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"Clearly this will be a challenging time for the economy, ... The normal pattern is that after the negative consequences, we get into a rebuilding mode, and that rebuilding mode takes you to higher GDP levels."
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"The consequences for the region are far-reaching and significant and that will take a significant amount of time for the rebuilding,"
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"The consequences of this disaster for the national economy will be seen, I think, primarily in the third quarter and the fourth quarter and I think they'll be temporary,"
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"We will be working with Tom DeLay and other members of Congress to see just what further relief might be called for,"
Author: Snow Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Many stand waiting to defend their breaks, deductions and loopholes and to defeat our efforts."
Author: Snow Quotes Category: Defeat Quotes
"With the crushing debt burden lifted, countries can focus their efforts on generating economic growth by investing in infrastructure to help move goods from producers to purchases and by investing in their people"
Author: Snow Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"That's really off the table for circumstances like the ones we're facing now,"
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"which are the principal competitors of railroads and, in the process, we're going to grow our revenue and operating income."
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