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Jeremy Foley Quotes

6 Jeremy Foley quotes:

"We appreciate the support of the Jacksonville community to keep this traditional rivalry in Jacksonville through 2010. The week-long festivities in the community and the pageantry surrounding the game are unmatched in college football."
Author: Foley Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"The passion is what makes him special. I tell our [athletic] staff members all the time, you need to have passion. That's what separates great people from average people."
Author: Foley Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"That way when it's time to hit the ground once the season is over, you're already off and running. The timing is never ideal in a coaching change. I talked to former coaches, NFL GMs, television folks. I picked people's brains and checked out the Internet to find out as much as I could. Indiana has time to do that. I didn't talk to any school or coaches but did hire a consultant to gauge the interest for us."
Author: Foley Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"I learned a long time ago, when it comes to discipline you don't get 100 percent acceptance of what you do."
Author: Foley Quotes Category: Acceptance Quotes
"We've got to talk about it. It seems to be the league has made a commitment to it and everyone has to make the same commitment."
Author: Foley Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"Nothing wrong with showing your emotions."
Author: Foley Quotes Category: Emotions Quotes

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