Leo Veness Quotes

22 Leo Veness quotes:

"Once we Live for Love we will then have Love for Life."
Author: Veness Quotes Category: Acceptance Quotes
"The only thing that does not change, is change itself."
Author: Veness Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"Looking out the backside of a moving vehicle is so much more epic than looking out the front, but needless to say, both are great because it reminds me that I am in the Now."
Author: Veness Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"The eyes say many different things without having to verbally say anything at all."
Author: Veness Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"I love to love those who love to hate me and I laugh at the laughter directed against me."
Author: Veness Quotes Category: Enemies Quotes
"“Sometimes I try reading books upside-down because I think, thats what it would be like if I couldn’t Read at all.”"
"You can't take the blame off of you, when naturally it takes two."
Author: Veness Quotes Category: Blame Quotes
"The pain that we cause is the cause of our pain."
Author: Veness Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"Some girls aren't searching for 'Mr. Right' they are looking for Mr. Right Now."
Author: Veness Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"Education and knowledge should not be the property of an elitist club greedily hoarding itswealth, but a free and open establishment designed for the benefit and progress of the whole ofmankind."
"We must separate ourselves from separation."
"Eternity is best conceived if thought of as a joining of human and divine consciousness. Eternity and time should be thought of without any connections. Therefore, it is understood that eternity, not as immeasurable time, is a mode of being of the higher divine consciousness."
"The struggle continues until it suddenly hits you, the greatest strugle of all, is the struggle within you."
"The future is a forward escape into the past"
"Appearance and reality are polar opposites"
Author: Veness Quotes Category: Appearance Quotes
"The fall of man is caused by the seductiveness of Inspiration, Pleasure, Natural Beauty, Material Instinct and their refusal too cooperate with their counterparts, Imagination, Inelligence, Passion, and Instinct."
Author: Veness Quotes Category: Beauty Quotes
"God have mercy upon those? who do not know the divine truth within themselves."
Author: Veness Quotes Category: Beauty Quotes
"Man is on the verge of reuniting it's scattered Mind, Body, and Soul...soon to be rehumanizing both Nature and it's alienated divinity. The outcome is the harmony of Man, Nature, and God as One."
Author: Veness Quotes Category: Awareness Quotes
"Life leads to consciousness"
"The open mind is key to true understanding."

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