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William Douglas Quotes

14 William Douglas quotes:

"We know by now that if we make technology the predestined force in our lives, man will walk to the measure of its demands. We know how leveling that influence can be, how easy it is to computerize man and make him a servile thing in a vast industrial complex. . . . This means we must subject the machine -- technology -- to control and cease despoiling the earth and filling people with goodies merely to make money."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"Honorable retreats are no ways inferior to brave charges, as having less fortune, more of discipline, and as much valor."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Brave Quotes
"I learned that the richness of life is found in adventure. . . . It develops self-reliance and independence. Life then teems with excitement. There is stagnation only in security."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Adventure Quotes
"We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times; where there are no secrets from government."
"stirs people to anger"
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Anger Quotes
"Acceptance by government of a dissident press is a measure of the maturity of a nation."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Acceptance Quotes
"I sat some minutes, lost in my thoughts of the beauty of the place."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Beauty Quotes
"The Constitution is not neutral. It was designed to take the government off the backs of people."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"The right to be let alone is indeed the beginning of all freedom."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"There are only two choices: A police state in which all dissent is suppressed or rigidly controlled; or a society where law is responsive to human needs. If society is to be responsive to human needs, a vast restructuring of our laws is essential."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"I realized that Eastern thought had somewhat more compassion for all living things. Man was a form of life that in another reincarnation might possibly be a horsefly or a bird of paradise or a deer. So a man of such faith, looking at animals, might be looking at old friends or ancestors."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"The function of the prosecutor under the federal Constitution is not to tack as many skins of victims as possible against the wall. His function is to vindicate the rights of the people as expressed in the laws and give those accused of crime a fair trial."
"The framers of the constitution knew human nature as well as we do. They too had lived in dangerous days; they too knew the suffocating influence of orthodoxy and standardized thought. They weighed the compulsions for restrained speech and thought against the abuses of liberty. They chose liberty."
"The court is really the keeper of the conscience, and the conscience is the Constitution."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes

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