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"You come into Freedom Hall and hold Louisville to 57 points, you can't say you didn't do a heck of a job. We just made a couple of mental breakdowns at the end."
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"We have enough talent within this five- or six-player rotation to pull off a lot of upsets. We can come in with a sense of confidence, knowing if we play defense as well as we can, we can do that."
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"It's just a matter of pride. Every guy in the locker room has 'pride' written across their chest. We know we're not going to get blown out and if you're not careful we're going to nip you. We're doing our best with what we've got."
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"A couple of [different] possessions each game or we'd be sitting atop the Big East. That's the crazy way to look at it."
"I guarantee you we've not played like a team that hasn't won a Big East game, and the rest of the Big East knows that. It's crazy. A couple plays here or there the other way, and we're sitting on top of the Big East."
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