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Jim Day Quotes

4 Jim Day quotes:

"It's a very costly utility. But on the other hand, from an operational perspective, it seems to be smart to stay with land lines."
Author: Day Quotes Category: Perspective Quotes
"He is a great leader. His communication skills are excellent and his work ethic is outstanding."
Author: Day Quotes Category: Communication Quotes
"We are thrilled to see our next-generation laser control solution passing a tough list of performance and acceptance criteria to qualify with the leading transceiver OEMs in the industry. Our fully embedded customized solution proves our claims of increased performance, reliability and adaptability to any TOSA type with significant reduction of production costs."
Author: Day Quotes Category: Acceptance Quotes
"Mike has been a leader in the school environment, which is reflected by his receiving the Superintendent's Award."
Author: Day Quotes Category: Environment Quotes

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