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Gary Cooper Quotes

7 Gary Cooper quotes:

"Now that 'San Andreas' has launched, we have decided to take an early exit off the highway largely due to a lack of product momentum for [Take Two] after 'GTA: San Andreas'. While it may be the largest video game of all time right now, there will be a day when GTA is supplanted by another game."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes
"I'm not too sure UK would be willing to let us use their fields, even the practice field. We wouldn't be a problem. Our season doesn't overlap with (the men's)."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"A lower hardware price should translate into higher hardware unit sales,"
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"To take advantage of the system, the locals are going to have to have the technologies in place. The locals and the states have to find the resources."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"Higher price points for the blockbuster titles in 2004 and 2005 can condition the video game consumer for the acceptance of broader price increases during the next video game cycle and beyond. We encourage the industry to look longer-term at the potential necessity to raise prices to maintain growth."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Acceptance Quotes
"In turn, a larger installed base of hardware should lead to higher sales of video game software. In particular, we believe that these price points will appeal to a more mass-market audience."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"We believe key employee retention, over-dependence on one title, high cost structure, cash burn, and mounting liabilities, are some important reasons why an acquisition of Take-Two is highly unlikely."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Dependence Quotes

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