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"In spite of widespread acceptance of this equation as gospel, we should remember that it is a theory. It can be trusted only to the extent that it is tested with experiments."
"The concept of the Gill Technical Apparel line is 'performance casual,' meaning these clothes are very contemporary-looking, with high-performing fabric attributes. An enthusiast can easily move from on-the-water cruising to off-the-water activities. We conceived it after hearing requests from customers for sailing and boating gear that performed as always, yet looked good enough to wear anywhere."
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"We have a number of jobs here in the Puget sound area -- well over 1,000 technical jobs."
Author: Pritchard Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The trouble is, they're not helping the United States."
Author: Pritchard Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"Boeing can't have it both ways. You can't have record sales and say these subsidies are damaging us."
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