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5 Brooks Orpik quotes:

"We'll see if I say the same thing Wednesday after the game. But I like it when we have back-to-back games."
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"I don't in any way want to sound unsympathetic to someone getting hurt. But I've seen a lot worse go unsuspended, and I'm sure I'll see a lot worse go unsuspended in the future."
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"I don't know; we had a lot of guys two years ago who showed up every night, and you knew exactly what you were going to get. But I don't know; we seemed like we played with a lot more emotion then."
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"People are going to form their opinions. The only thing I can do is stress that it wasn't intentional, wasn't premeditated and I hope he gets back soon."
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"Nobody was comfortable; everybody realized the opportunity they had. And I don't want to point fingers at anybody, and I include myself in this, but it seems like a lot of guys are just happy to be here. Guys don't seem to realize the opportunity we have, but they need to realize that on a lot of other teams, we wouldn't be getting this opportunity."
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