Gary Brown Quotes

7 Gary Brown quotes:

"One wonders where there's smoke, there's fire. There's no telling what did Delay know and when did he know it?"
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"You don't have to spend $300 today. Do it over time."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"It's been a long year, and I just want to dedicate this win to my dad, ... You can't end a season any better than winning this."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"This is an Eagle project for one of the Scouts, ... The goal is to show leadership and also it has got to benefit the community."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Leadership Quotes
"What we're really looking for is a Christmas miracle. And that's what we're trusting is going to happen."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"Service demand would definitely go up if something major were to happen here. You can't staff for all emergencies, that's why there's mutual aid from other counties and areas. That's why there's volunteers."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"Improved driver experience, which has resulted in a decrease in accidents and fewer losses for our company, is the main reason for the rate decrease. We're glad we can provide our policyholders with more savings, and we hope to attract new customers with our lower rates."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Accidents Quotes

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