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Bill Gates Quotes

189 Bill Gates quotes:

"Encore implies that life is not a continuous process, that there's some sort of finite number of achievements that defines your life. For me, there are a lot of exciting things in front of me at Microsoft, things that we want to see if we can make ha"
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"We hope to find a way to resolve this and put it behind us, ... From the very beginning, we've said we would like nothing better than to settle this case."
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"This is the beginning of a new chapter in this case,"
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"We're just at the beginning of what can be done with digital technology."
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"Virtually every company will be going out and empowering their workers with a certain set of tools, and the big difference in how much value is received from that will be how much the company steps back and really thinks through their business processes…thinking through how their business can change, how their project management, their customer feedback, their planning cycles can be quite different than they ever were before."
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"If those children were in rich countries, we would have headlines, we'd take action. We wouldn't rest until every child was protected,"
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Private philanthropy is no substitute for governmental action here,"
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Software is the place where the action is . . . it is an area that will continue to generate jobs. This is the golden age of software."
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Software will be the single most important force in digital entertainment over the next decade, ... XNA underscores Microsoft's commitment to the game industry and our desire to work with partners to take the industry to the next level."
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"I can say without hesitation that it is not, nor has it ever been, the intention of my company to turn the Information Superhighway into a toll road."
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"This will continue, ... They'll have a new version, we'll have a new version. It's a healthy competition that you expect in the computer software market."
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"There is competition, ... Can any Microsoft endure future competition without innovation? The answer is no. We've got to keep changing."
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"is quite an amazing thing, given that they had a lawsuit against us and we were really mostly in conflict?. We have a great, ongoing dialogue with them, including them guiding us on the concerns of other content companies."
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"I'm in the same traffic as everybody else. I'm in the same airplane delay as everybody else. I sit in the same coach seat as everybody else."
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"Paul was instrumental in the creation of Microsoft and has played an important role in the success and direction of our company throughout the years,"
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"I've been struck by the role that technology plays and especially that the Internet played during this crisis. On September 11th hundreds of millions of people relied on the Internet to get news and to communicate with loved ones."
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Deaths from malaria have doubled over the last 20 years,"
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Death Quotes
"This advertising model has emerged as a very important thing,"
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Advertising Quotes
"I'm excited by the possibilities I see for medicine, for education and of course for technology, ... And I believe that through our natural inventiveness, creativity and willingness to solve tough problems, we're going to make some amazing achievements in all these areas in my lifetime."
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"If there's any part of the economy that's delivered for all the citizens, it's got to be the work that we and our partners in our industry have done,"

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