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"This will be a fun weekend."
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"As soon as I fired it up and pulled out, I knew I was in trouble. The engine just welded itself shut."
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"Kenny went in to use the rest room, and they had the toilet paper roll with the springs on the side, and he kept pulling the paper, and it kept breaking off. He said he pulled and pulled and pulled, and it broke and broke and broke, and the whole time this toilet paper is breaking off I'm in the truck and we're gone. We thought he was there."
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"You could win the title without winning a race, but that's not the way I want to win it, ... Would I be disappointed to win the championship and not win a race this year? That's not a real easy question to answer."
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"Then, at the end, the lapped cars were really tough to get around on the restarts and that got me way behind,"
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"It really hasn't hit me hard, yet. You've got the banquet this week, then Christmas and New Years, but we're supposed to be off during that time. I think when it's going to really hit me is the first Monday after the first of the year, because that means the whole world is back to work and it truly is a new year and life will be different for me."
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"What we have to do is keep that top level of consistency going. We have to be there at the end of all 10 races and get everything we can out of each and every one of them."
"The racetrack said, 'You get a release from the judge, we'll let you race,'"
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"[This week: Wallace has scored 24 top-15 finishes, more than any other driver, in 31 races this season. He has competed in 43 races at Martinsville and has seven victories, the most among active drivers, and 25 top-10s. His last victory there came in April 2004.] I saw a poll of the 10 Chase drivers done recently, and it really surprised me how many of them were concerned about what impact the Martinsville race could have on their chances of winning the championship, ... Man, that's certainly not the case with me and my team. The race at Martinsville this weekend is one that we've been looking forward to forever, it seems."
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"I think by the end of the year, he'd have a lot of knowledge. He'd be up on the wheel and ready to go then."
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"I'm really disappointed that Mark has been talked into running that extra year, ... The thing I feel bad about for Mark is that he and I have been out there getting all these accolades, and now Mark's having to say, 'It looks like I'm coming back.'"
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"That just shows how important consistency is and it's our consistency that has gotten us this far,"
"It's our consistency that has gotten us this far, and there's really no need to be looking for some other game plan, ... This is my final season as a driver and I want to go out being remembered as a winner."
"I ask myself why would I retire and its because I don't like running 36 races. I hate running 36 races. I don't like being away from home that much."
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"I've still got a pin in my wrist that's about 8 inches long from that accident. I got hurt at some racetracks a little bit, but never as bad as I got hurt at Talladega."
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"I'm going to watch a little of the truck race and talk to a prospective new sponsor,"
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"I like our chances over a 10-race span,"
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"I really think this is my calling. I'm excited about it. When I retired, television was something I felt I knew."
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"I'm very concerned about safety,"
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"I speak the truth. I've learned when to say it and when not. I've tried to carry the torch that Dale [ Earnhardt ] left behind and tried to be a good representative with all the rest of the drivers."
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