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Jennifer Wester Quotes

3 Jennifer Wester quotes:

"He had just brought back a Central Asian Shepherd dog for my parents and a ring that was a gift from his mother so I thought that was about enough for him to get through customs. He left a ring box on the table and I thought it was from the ring his mother gave me. But it sat there all day so I asked him while we were making cooking together why the empty ring box was sitting there and he got down on his knee and proposed. He had the ring in his pocket all the time."
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"We're getting married because we love one another, not for his citizenship. We can do everything but the Olympics and we'll still be together in 2010."
Author: Wester Quotes Category: Citizenship Quotes
"In general in Virginia, you're looking mostly at transportation accidents. The other type of accident we see mostly is falls. We also recorded a certain number of assaults and violent acts."
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