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Randy Lein Quotes

8 Randy Lein quotes:

"We have a little momentum going and want to build on that. You always want to win at home."
Author: Lein Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"He didn't close the way he would have liked, but it was a strong performance. He's disappointed, but all these guys are pretty resilient. They get over it pretty quick."
Author: Lein Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"It wasn't a victory, which is what we're after every outing. But we had two guys tie for second and we're making strides in the right direction heading into our tournament."
Author: Lein Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"We only get to do this once a year. We want to enjoy the weekend and take advantage of home course knowledge."
Author: Lein Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"We're playing OK right now, but we're nowhere close to playing our best golf."
Author: Lein Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"It's a pretty straightforward golf course. We feel good about the course and we're certainly ready to win a title."
Author: Lein Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"We hit a lot of quality shots, but we struggled on a hole you can't struggle on. It's a very demanding hole, and if you hit into the water you're usually not going to make better than a bogey. We lost some shots on that hole, which we just shouldn't do."
Author: Lein Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"It's been an unusual year. We've had some injuries, so our lineup has changed every tournament this spring. We still haven't played our best five guys yet."

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