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5 Dan Bartlett quotes:

"A policy of retreat and withdrawal will only make America more vulnerable."
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"The process was done by the book. If you start deciding these issues in a guilt-by-association method, you will have a situation which has deep and harmful ramifications to the economic interests of this country."
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"The physical security of the ports is at the charge of the Coast Guard. The actual cargo that comes in on the ships, is ... charged to the United States Customs Service. So it's critically important for America to understand that doesn't change — not today, not tomorrow, not next week, not six months from now. They are in charge of the security of our ports."
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"We hope Al Gore uses this opportunity to explain why during his term, teen drug use in America nearly doubled, the number of drug treatment beds in federal prisons were cut by over one-third, the office of National Drug Control Policy was cut by 83 percent and federal gun prosecutions have decreased by 46 percent."
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"We do have the legal authority to do what we are doing. We have the necessity to do what we are doing."
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