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Mark Rickel Quotes

6 Mark Rickel quotes:

"The governor reviews each case personally to ensure that justice has been served. He takes many factors into consideration, including the parole board's recommendations, before making a final decision."
Author: Rickel Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"The governor thinks we ought to take the time and honor the former governor."
Author: Rickel Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"The governor's been very focused on making sure Ohio's high school students have the skills to succeed in the work force or if they choose to move on into college."
Author: Rickel Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Our high school graduates must be prepared to go to work or to college. Our goal is to make Ohioans more employable whenever they leave school."
Author: Rickel Quotes Category: College Quotes
"This governor will finish his term. Bob has enough food and water to hold out for the whole 17 months and intends to stay in the mansion. He is determined to fulfill the obligation he owes to the citizens of Ohio and has no intention of letting an out of control legal system drive him from office."
Author: Rickel Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"The governor is hopeful that the disciplinary panel will consider that his failure to report gifts was unintentional and that he self-reported it to the (Ohio) Ethics Commission as soon as he became aware of it."
Author: Rickel Quotes Category: Failure Quotes

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