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"Well, we have never had a homicide here at school, thank goodness. We have had some of our kids go off campus and gotten killed. We had one of out student that was shot in a drive-by on U.S. 75, but really, we don't see that type of crime."
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"As far as violence goes, school is school. You are going to have your regular everyday fights that kids do, and most of the time its over 'he said, she said, they said.' But we really haven't seen a real increase in violence. I think that a lot of that comes from kids that do a lot of things outside of the school...schools are no more unsafe than they were 10 years ago."
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"I get back two times from what I give to the kids. You do start relationships with the young people that are lifelong."
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"I think that this is more real. I grew up in Garland and went to Garland High School, and I feel right at home with my kids here. I look at these kids like they are my kids. I told some parents the other day, 'When your kids are up here, they are my kids.' That the way I feel about it."
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"I just a really rewarding job for me, I can't think of anything else I want to do in the department. This is where I want to be when I finish my career."
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