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Jeff Gordon Quotes

38 Jeff Gordon quotes:

"I still think we have a great shot at this championship."
"When you're in a race car, you're going through so many different emotions throughout that race."
"You've got to be the best person you can be in your life."
"He just continues to impress me. I feel like he won us the race last week. This week we had a car that got better all day long, and that's as impressive to me as our win at Martinsville."
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"[NASCAR, 7:30 p.m. Saturday on TNT: The final race to determine Nextel Cup's Chase for the Championship participants should be one of the biggest of the season, with Jeff Gordon's status the main story line. Will he or won't he? Analyst Bill Weber says watch out if he does:] He's played mediocre ball at best all season, but he's still got a chance to make the playoffs. And if he gets in the question is: ... No, I do not.'"
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"We know that after Richmond (the 26th race) comes, we've got to be in the top-10 and when we are, we'd better be set on 'kill' to go out there and lead laps and win races."
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"It was a very rewarding race and gratifying. I could get up to third or fourth but couldn't make those passes to get the rest of the way. Once we did get up front, the car was flying. To be able to drive from 15th all the way to third or fourth, I knew we had a good one. Once we got out front, we were awesome. I knew we were in great shape."
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"It's amazing how EA continues to innovate and make the game more fun for gamers and the drivers year after year."
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"It's still a game of Russian Roulette. There are so many cars fighting for the same piece of real estate that it's easy to get caught up in someone else's accident."
"That is what happened to us, I think. At the beginning of the year we went more toward them. ... But I've been telling them all year that I can't drive it like that. You put the same thing underneath me (that Johnson had), and I don't like it."
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"We needed a long run. We didn't need that last caution. That last caution hurt us a bit."
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"As far as Katrina goes, I haven't seen the impact (on coffee prices yet),"
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"Years like that make you hungrier, make you humble. The criticism has come a little bit stronger, come more often. I understand why. We've won four championships, a lot of races. We've prided ourselves on being competitive every year. When we're not, we recognize as well as everybody we're having an off year."
"So much of my life is spent just focused on driving race cars."
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"You're still going to see accidents, you always will. Especially towards the closing laps of a race."
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"I don't feel I'm a step above anyone on this team. I'm just another link in the chain."
"I want to force the other drivers to find a way past me."
"I don't know how many hundredths of a second we are missing it by, but I'm just really happy now."
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"I'll do a little prayer here and there if I feel the need to."
"You may be leading, then you might be at the back of the pack trying to work your way up. It's just a constant reminder not to give up, and to know that God, in my mind, is really in control."

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