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Augie Garrido Quotes

7 Augie Garrido quotes:

"We have a lot of new players that have a chance to make important contributions. We're just getting ready to take the journey."
Author: Garrido Quotes Category: Journey Quotes
"They're really a quality a team and it isn't that easy to break them. What you saw was a championship-type performance on their part. That (fifth) inning was a great inning for them. Sustaining that inning for as long as they did takes a lot of talent."
Author: Garrido Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"You want to win everything along the way, because that buys you 24 hours of peace, but the national championship is the goal for this program."
Author: Garrido Quotes Category: Peace Quotes National Championship Quotes
"It wasn't graceful by any stretch of the imagination. It was like a heavyweight prize fight."
"They were aggressive inside the strike zone and forced us to hit routine fly balls. It was aggressive, quality pitching."
Author: Garrido Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"We need to stabilize the infield. We're trying to establish a system that will give us consistency."
"Obviously, the expectation levels are always high, and they are again. So, we'll just get ready to take the journey."

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